Why Blog?

A Public Face
Thursday July 23, 2009 9:31 PM

Some people wonder why anyone would want to put intimate details of their life on display. My mother says this is a generational issue and that Boomers are more private than their children or post internet children. Bull pucky, I say. Boomers are all about self-marketing. Besides, I don’t see sharing my obsession with my sailboat as particularly intimate. My sailboat life is on display every day in the marina where landlubbers come to gawk at the weird floaty community.

I choose to share what I’m learning on the water because it is a good story and it’s mine, and by sharing it I feel a little less invisible. It’s a kind of portfolio or brag log of what I’ve done. It is a record of how I spend my time on the planet, and you are my witness.

And maybe it will inspire you to try the LiveAboard life yourself someday.

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