Day 3 Haul Out

Patching the shaft holeWednesday
Haul Out Fun !

Actually I am having a good time.  And so is Austin, noshing a bully bone now after his run in dog paradise (the grassy acres of roaming park land they built on top of the dump).  Very dog friendly place.  Water faucets and bowls and pick up bags on posts around every corner, and so many rodents to run after and other dogs to meet.  He gets a run in the mornings before 8 and after 6 pm. Both times of quiet and pleasant temperatures.

One of the yard managers said I should slow down my work or I’m going to make the guys look bad.  Everyone has been very nice and supportive.  Yesterday I did an all day sanding that took off most of the worst of it from the rubrail down.  So satisfying to remove those streak marks that show I do actually take my boat out.  And screech against the dock as I go.

I wasn’t able to do a very straight water line tape mark and Cree, the head yard guy said I would not be allowed to leave with a wiggly boot stripe.  He said he would help with that when I was ready.

Today I cleaned and sealed the empty shaft hole.  Tomorrow after sanding the fiberglass you should not be able to see that there ever was a hole there.  I cut new shims for the outboard from the old motor mount backing plate.  I’m hoping this will solve the motor rising out of the swell issue. These shims are made of really heavy rubbery plastic that cut so hot it resealed itself by the time I was half way cut through.  Had to hold the cut open to cool with a screwdriver.  Removed all of the stuff that went with the inboard I no longer have that has just been taking up space and getting in the way.  Yay!  So much more easy access storage available!

Doesn’t sound like much but there was midway cleaning and thinking about what to do next and a most delicious nap when the power tools went quiet for lunch.  I am SO tired that I sleep like a rock.  I am grateful I was “in training” for full day boatwork before coming here.  I don’t feel the tempo of my day has changed much.

I scored the use of a shower fob for the marina showers although getting truly clean feels impossible.  Yesterday Erika, my sister in law was kind enough to let me shower at her place and drive me home afterwards.  It was great to visit with her and Paloma and introduce them to visiting friend Rachel and her family who brought a decadent and delicious picnic lunch to share.

Clean well-dressed people coming from office jobs traipse through at the end of the day on their way to sailing lessons.  Nice contrast to us grubbies on the boats in the air.  For Cinco de Mayo today someone had LA RAZA Spanish radio station blasting.  We quickly got two more music boxes competing for sound waves.  Mostly Sade and Michael Jackson.

The Berkeley Marine Center marketing guy was talking about getting a Facebook account together and I of course had to butt in and say that BMC clientele seemed unlikely to use Facebook or other social networking sites.  Too old, too busy.  This dangerous conversation ended with him taking pictures of me working on Bonita for the BMC website.  One is attached.

I’m wuppered so am going to sleep.  It’s dark.  Was up at 5 am.

Hope you are all well.  I am feeling very satisfied with this “work vacation” and happy with my choice to be a LiveAboard.  I look forward to visiting with you in Half Moon Bay or wherever I, or you, end up.

Cynthia & Austin
Up in the Air

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