Up High Friday

I made solar brownies today and got the yard staff giggly with chocolate after lunch.

Did half a day sanding. It HURTS. But I’m not complaining, just making an observation. Trying to pace myself. The previous application of topside paint was regular oil paint and so it sagged in ripples. This is why we use marine paint, kids. But I’m sure it was meant to be a quick cheap fix and was probably an improvement on what had been there before.

The archeology project of sanding has yielded a veritable rainbow of bottom paints. Two blues, an aqua, a red, and a mustard yellow. At least I know someone tried to paint it an average of every 8 years. The bootstripe got higher over time (there are several different ones) – meaning the boat went lower into the water as it filled with stuff. When I got it the bootstripe was a sketchy suggestion of a paint line.

Uncovered a couple of holes oozing liquid. Drain, fill, and carry on. A neighbor suggested that what I don’t know won’t hurt me but I’m not sure that’s a valid philosophy for the boating world.

A yard staff guy came by and said they’d just mixed up a huge batch of epoxy and resin that was the wrong kind and did we need any? So imagine me running around with a container of epoxy filling in anything that looked like a gap.

Austin had a fabulous evening off leash with half a dozen dogs in the grass. They raced around at high speed and now he’s zonked out.

I’m not sure why the brand new bathrooms at the newly built section of the Berkeley Marina already all have broken leaky shower faucets. A mystery. But now, to zzzzzzzzz

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