Weekend at the Haul Out


Started the day bright and early with more sanding, determined to finish up the port side. Then Richard showed up on his motorcycle like the cavalry and did several hours of barnacle removal sanding on the underside. An amazing act of generosity since he is no newbie to the grueling haul out scene and knew exactly what he was in for.

His help allowed my tweaked neck muscle to rest and I was able to make us a decent lunch. And huzzah! My fridge works again. Gene from Pete’s gave me a 30 amp to regular plug in cord but every time I tried to plug it in it popped the outlet breaker. The same item borrowed from BMC yielded the same result. Huh? My batteries were running down and the fridge had pooped out when Richard showed up with a third cord he’d made himself for his boat with reversed polarity. For whatever reason his boat was wired bassackwards too. Who knew? Anyway it’s been charging all night and the frost is back on the freezer. Thank you, Richard. The coconut rum is cold again. And yes, a complete electrical makeover is on my list, but it will have to wait until I have the funds to support the project. The non-standard wiring arrangement has made it difficult to diagnose – particularly from afar by friends with expectations that I have a sane electrical system. Thank you to those individuals for wanting to help.

Alice showed up as Richard was leaving (tag team visits, woohoo) and brought a great picnic dinner that we ate in the tree house boat. She answered her question about how I get Austin up and down the ladder.Austin on the Ladder It is fun having familiar faces present in a new environment. Makes me imagine a time when friends from here will be able to visit La Bonita in ports more exotic and hopefully less toxic than the haul out yard situated on a former dump in Berkeley. Halfway up and down

As I write this the rain is starting to sprinkle and I wonder what I can get done in the rain. Clean up the disaster area inside the boat, perhaps. Laundry hopefully. I’m such a grub.

Cynthia & Austin
Soggy but happy

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