Rainy Days

Got four hours of sanding in before the rain let loose.  Something about using an electric tool in a downpour with a cord sitting in the puddles was not inviting so I yielded and found a place “off campus” to do laundry.  Found an art store too where I got brushes for the lettering part of the job.

They call where your boat sits on the pavement in the yard your “campsite.”

The rain stopped but the wind that Pete’s folks know so well is upon us and the jiggling is a little nerve wracking.  We’re not just bobbing merrily over here, it feels more precarious than that. The thought of tipping over is a nightmare.

Some Redwood City boaters are known up here.  Ed and Helen from Noah’s Kid were mentioned last night. Note to Self, the boating community is small, vocal, and has a long memory.

Nothing really going on.  After noon hit my urge to be stoic evaporated.

The sun’ll come out tomorrow…

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