Once More With Feeling


What was I saying about being thwarted?  The boss lady brought in eggs from her own chickens to put into the brownies but the sun did not show up until 3 pm.  Even though the solar oven got up to 250 for about 2 hours, the brownies were not sufficiently cooked by the end of the work day.  We’ll try again next week.

Speaking of eggs, the top sides continued to have an egg texture and no amount of sanding solved that.  So I finished of the can of primer by putting yet another coat on.  It is easier to sand primer to a smooth finish they say.

Thwarted also by Honda, who doesn’t make an extension kit for their outboards.  And the 20 hp model doesn’t come any longer than the one I purchased.  So Mary McGuire is off the hook for that particular sales faux pas as I did buy the longest shaft available for that hp.  Of course if she were knowledgeable about her products and their application she could have explained why I needed a 27″ shaft, not a 22″ – but I ask too much of mere salespeople.

Austin had a brilliant evening out with a bunch of woofers at the park where he either remembered or learned how to retrieve a ball.  You could see a lightbulb over his head when he realized all of the ruff and tumble was about a tennis ball.  Pretty soon no other dog was able to get the ball because Austin was too fast.  One pit bull mix decided she’d mug him for the ball half way and as she rose up to jump him he threw her the ball.  Yup, threw it with his mouth right to her.  She scrambled for the ball and he continued running.  This was repeated many times. Brilliant. The high speed play continued until Austin rolled himself taking a corner too fast.  He came back to me to be comforted showing me his skinned knees and…barked knuckles.  Couldn’t resist.

Congratulations to Australian Jessica Watson for her successful solo circumnavigation.  You GO, girl !

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