Is it Tuesday?

Yesterday it rained.  I found a small Calypso steel drum on Craigslist for less than half of normal price so I justified going to get it by telling myself it is an early birthday present.  I’ve been wanting to get one for about 6 months.  Don’t ask me why.  Then two friends from VT came to visit who I haven’t seen in forever and somehow between that talkfest and laundry the day zoomed by.  A good use of a drenched day.

So I had to make up for the lallygagging today. More sanding of the dreaded bootstripe and huzzah, paint.  New friend Janet helped epoxy the exposed fiberglass on the bottom.  She was here to help Neighbor boat guy Chad but I stole her when he wasn’t looking.

The office staff came by my site in the afternoon to ask how I was doing.  She said they were worried because they hadn’t seen me lurking in the office all day but I suspect she had been sent to see if I had made any brownies.  No such luck.  Maybe tomorrow the weather will cooperate.

I’m hoping for a Friday or Monday launch (weekends Eric and Tony aren’t here to run the sling).  Anyone who is here at that time is welcome to share pink champagne in dixie cups to celebrate.  A class act, to be sure.

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