Curses, foiled again

The sky looked promising at 6 am.  No clouds and a sparkly rising sun.  By 7 am the brownies and cookies were in the solar oven and I was starting the bottom primer painting.  It’s 11:30 am now and starting to rain.  High winds are threatened for later.  The sun keeps peeking out so I’m leaving the solar oven out despite the gloomy prospects.  But at this precipitation rate I’ll never get launched.

A neighbor boat guy came over and asked who the boy was who was rolling on the primer the other day.  That boy was me.  Tyvek coveralls does wonders for androgyny. Think Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

It’s 7:30 pm.  I’m beat.  Two coats of Primocon bottom coat primer, another coat of bootstripe grey, masking tape shifting and edge sanding in prep for top coat sanding.  Dry paint is so much easier to sand than damp. Cree showed me a neat trick with tape to deflect drips.  Fold tape in a third and stick on like a little shelf in the path of the drip.  The water will not ruin your painting job.

Speaking of drips, the shower was so nice and hot.  It’s hard to turn it off and go back outside where the hungry seagull hordes walk around in gangs looking for fish scraps by the boat launch. Unlike Pete’s Harbor shower rooms there aren’t a million rules posted on the walls everywhere and dogs can go anywhere with their people.

The cookies and brownies only half-cooked.  I tried microwaving some brownie but managed only to burn it and make the marine center office smell maddeningly like chocolate.  The staff called the brownie-preventing cloud cover “a tragedy.” So I put all of the half cooked dough into the crockpot to cook overnight in alternating brownie cookie layers with enough water to (I hope) prevent burning the bottom.  I don’t really want to give everyone salmonella.  I’d get charged for that for sure.   That would be an extra staff food poisoning fee.

These people are so nice.  If you are considering doing a haul out in the area check into Berkeley Marine Center.  They are professional, kind, considerate, have big smiles, are straight-forward, and they do really care that DIY folks are doing well and that all of the boats look great when they launch.

In short, I’m having a good time at Boat Camp.

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