Thursday Sun

Wednesday?  Was there a Wednesday?  I can’t remember.  Thursday I remember.  It was a perfect cloudless windless day.  I was plotting the last of the sanding and painting of the topsides when I got a phone message from Pete’s Harbor.  The Harbormaster who told me it was ok to leave my car in their parking lot during haul out had begun harassing me about it still being there.  Rather than incur a bogus storage fee I left word I’d come and get it. I’d received several emails about the fact that my muffler was lying on the ground for a few days anyway.  The rubber donuts that held it together gave out.  They do that every couple of years.

Fortunately, amazingly, Richard was available to drive up to get me in the afternoon.  He had wired up the muffler to get it off the ground. By the time he arrived (insert cavalry horns here) I had put in about four hours of sanding (an hour just doesn’t last as long as it used to), and wolfed down a super burrito from La Bamba.  Thursdays the staff order out together and I weaseled onto the order list.

So I missed a perfect weather day at the yard.  I still have the stbd and half the port side of topsides to sand and paint. The mid-line to paint, the eyes and the name.  This morning they promised to move the stands so I can sand and paint where the boat has been held up all this time.

Here’s a photo – it’s a great before and after sample. 

Launch is now on Monday, scheduled for 11 am but there’s a big list of boats to go in and out so anything can happen and usually does.  I figured I would clean up the boat while waiting.  And I can’t wait for the ceremonial tossing out of the rancid tennis shoes after this particular work jag is done.  Peeyew.

Austin was buoyant about being back at Pete’s but after a while he looked a little jaded.  Big dog on campus who has been running around off leash and killing chipmunks in the REAL grassy wild is now too big for Pete’s.  He informed Neptune about this during a predictable challenge on the dock.  A big “na na na na boo boo to you hoo” is what he said exactly.

It was good to visit E & E and to dine at the fabulous Harry’s with Pinky’s people, Richard, Dave & Gwynn.  Looking around the table I felt sure that the time in Redwood City was well-spent to know such fine friends.  I was fading into reverie about how much fun it would be to see Redwood City people in marinas elsewhere, swapping travel stories and generally celebrating life – when I realized I still had to drive “home” to Berkeley and Bonita.

More when there’smore…
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