Now What?

I’m as tired as I was the first two days of the haul out.  Beaten. Drained. Slammed.  But I haven’t really been doing anything.  The anticipation of in the water, out of the water, plays with my nervous system something fierce.

So quiet at the new slip.  I cleaned the dock yard dirt off of Bonita.  Today I am washing anything that may have picked up the grunge.

They gave me a t-shirt for gettin’ it done.  I painted “I survived DIY Boat Camp 2010” on the back.  Now I’ve got to change gears.  Canvas work, more cartooning, writing every day, and the endless little boat improvement projects.  You’d think her face lift – or rather, butt lift – would have been enough, but no, now the wiring needs a look-see.

I’ve been invited to go sailing on Fridays in the beer can races out here.  Good way to acclimate in these waters without pitching my own boat around in the swells.  A sobering sailing report – several people died this weekend out on the coast in boats.  One couple was going north from Pillar Point towards the Golden Gate when they were washed overboard.  Gives one pause, but they made at least two errors, besides the choice to go during that heavy wind we had on Sunday.  They did not have jack lines (sailboat equivalent of seat belts in a car) and it sounds from the report ( like they were sailing too close to the coast.  Extremely sad, and possibly preventable.

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