Life Goes On

The first week back in the water sped by with several days of rain.  I felt a physical sluggishness that paralleled the exhaustion after the initial haul out.  I am guessing this was the relief from anxious anticipation once the boat was safely in and out.

I continue to get compliments about my well-kept boat from other boat owners who berth near our new temporary slip.  That is extremely gratifying.

Yesterday afternoon I got ambitious about painting the non skid in the cockpit.  Once the paint can was open I didn’t want to stop till it was all used up, and using a 1” chip brush for best distribution of the floating grit in the paint made for a really long process.  By 7pm I was sticky with paint and was playing Twister on deck trying to avoid the wet spots.  Help, I’ve painted my boat and now I can’t get off.  This morning it is happily dry and so nice and clean.

I’ve been painting on Bonita’s name and home berth.  I blew my time window to get Gwynn to do the job so I just went for it.  The Coasties require easy-to-read 4” san serif letters for a documented vessel ( for non boaties, “documented” = Federal Registration as opposed to State Registration ), so I gave them 5” block letters.  But to make the letters attractive I am adding the pale grey outline and curlycues that you can see up close.  The Coast Guard should have no issue with the lettering.  I have to time my work carefully as I paint from a side-tied dinghy.  A surprise fisherman’s wake will provoke a Whoops and an Eeek as both dinghy and Bonita bounce and bob.

Speaking of dinghys, you know you are a modern Cruiser when you complain about wifi access.  To get my email and post these blogs I have to row the dinghy across the “street” from marina to marine center.  Austin in his bright orange PFD (life preserver) and Geo Washington on the Delaware stance has inspired chuckles as I row in mostly a straight line.

I hope to start my first canvas job soon.  It is a tent that will cover the cockpit of a small sailboat to allow the owner to sit out of the wind and look out at the marina.

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  1. hey there cyn, looks like sunday A.M. to see you. Bill myself and the pink. looking forward to seeing the dog park 🙂


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