Independence Day

The marina was taken over by the public collective garbage distribution tradition known as Fourth of July yesterday.  Austin was confused about the huge quantities of people in HIS back yard.  Today we’re back to normal.

Latitude 38 did a haul out issue this month and I’m on page 111.  The interviewer was a wee bit snarky about my self-designation as a cruiser.   She apparently didn’t think that quitting my day job and moving to a marina in a different part of the bay qualified me.  Or perhaps my brief tenure as a LiveAboard made her skeptical.  Or my lack of blue water exposure.  Or not having left the country yet.

It has long been established that there is no one way to be a cruiser.  To me it is about living on a boat with no ties to land and espousing a philosophy of flexibility, sustainability and creative spontaneity.  Go where the winds blow and all of that.  I am not above loitering in a friendly port.  When it’s time, I’ll go.

Until then I consider myself a cruiser with a temporary occasional job to help pay my way.  I’m making friends and improving my skills and Bonita’s seaworthiness.

What could be better?

Time to take Austin for a run…

2 Responses

  1. Some people think that “to be a cruiser” means that you have to subscribe to some specific definition of what it means (or perhaps more accurately, THEIR specific definition of what it means). Hogwash! To start being all elitist about what it means to be a cruiser, to me, means you’ve missed the whole point. There are a lot of factors involved, and it’s not a checklist – you don’t have to check every box in order to “qualify”… In fact you don’t need to check any boxes – it’s OK to laugh, mentally rip up the checklist, and get on with your life – if you are a cruiser, you’ll know it. And that’s all that matters!

    • Thanks for the back up, Scott. I fully admit I’m a wet behind (and IN ) the ears sailor and cruiser. You could say I’m a freshman in nautical high school – but at least I’m out there doing something. In less than three years I have lived in three different marinas with very different flavors. I hope it’s a long while before I’m a jaded salty sally pulling rank on the newbies. Cynthia

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