I watched the spiky bit of dried weed go up Austin’s nose, not fast enough to stop it from lodging in his sinus cavity.  Two and a half days of sneezing later, replete with splattered blood, and we had an emergency visit to the vet.  There goes my dodger, I thought, as I dropped Austin off for the all-day ordeal.

For those not familiar with the process of Foxtail removal, they knock out the dog and slide an Otoscope tube up his nose.  A pincher alligator clip type of grabber slides out from inside the tube and grabs the arrow shaped weed to remove it.  It’s like a splinter up your nose – the kind that only wants to dig itself in deeper. It can get infected and kill the dog if you don’t get it out.  So I kissed $500 goodbye and took care of my firstmate.  While I waited for him to recover from the anesthesia I shopped at a local thrift store.  The ratio is about right.  $20 for me, $500 for Austin…

On a happier note, I met a Walker For Peace this morning at the marina.  Bebe is a 79 year old good spirit with eyeliner, cute white braids, and a charming French accent.  She got up this morning and started walking by 4 am.  She meditates while she walks.  Took a bus for a while simply because it stopped for her.  We had a fine visit discussing the aesthetics of symbols and the high quality of the liveaboard life. Perhaps I was partial to her because she cooed about how wonderful my boat is.

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