Dog on a Cat

We’ve escaped from civilization.  I’m sitting in a friend’s boat in the Delta and can’t really concentrate with the chatty conversations of three other adults going on around me.  That’s ok, it’s pleasant, but the blogging may suffer for it.

The weather has been perfect, neither too hot or too cold.  Austin is learning how to swim like a real dog and is exhibiting less fear and loathing around water.   Time is elusive.  Fast streaming when I stop watching the clock.

The sail out was eventful and educational.  My friend’s catamaran went an average of 5.3 kts and at the fastest 11.1 kts as recorded by my gps trip recorder – and yet it took 11 hours to get from Berkeley to Bethel Island.  I think that the speediest we went was in San Pablo Bay before we took the spinnaker down and before we were about to be overpowered.  My friend single-hands normally and his solo jibing technique is to “let it slam.”  I was taught that was a bad thing, and it turns out it is.  As I was attending to the traveler that is laid out on the cockpit floor between the tiller and the cabin door the skipper yelled “accidental jibe!”  The main sheet caught me in the left shoulder and threw me starboard where I hit my head on one of the new bimini poles.  “Talk to me!” Skipper yelled.  I said I was fine but that we have a new method for jibing, effective immediately.  Now every time we jibe we lock down the traveler on both sides so the “slam bang” can’t happen.  To prevent a cat knock down we release the sheet as swiftly as possibly after the boom slams over.  So working together we made the jibing process much smoother – a good thing since that’s all we got to do till past Antioch.

Ok they’ve turned on Sting music so I really can’t concentrate now.

I didn’t bring my computer so I’m not sure when I’ll get to blog again.  Suffice to say, having a blast and not ready to come home yet.  I hope La Bonita will forgive me.  This is the first time we’ve been apart so long since I bought her.

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