Delta Diversions

Skipper is watching “Captain Ron,” the obligatory cult sailor movie.  It was required viewing when I first got my boat.  I made tortilla things with stuff inside for the gang.  What’s that called?  Flautas?  Quesadillas? Taquitas? Something.

I volunteered to cook on this trip as long as Skipper does the dishes.  I’ve made some great stuff in the solar oven.  Top of the list is Salmon Cakes with potato white sauce. All made with canned salmon, bread crumbs, chicken broth, powdered potato soup mix, powdered buttered mashed potatoes and a little margarine.

In contrast, the brownies, which are usually wicked easy, came out more like pudding this time.  Note to self: add no water.  They were still good with the  ice cream though. So I guess I’ll be gaining back all the weight I lost during the haul out.

Swapped my L’Engle paperback for a non fiction account of the Iraq war written by a former Nat. Guard guy.  Marina libraries are fascinating.  The usual romances and action adventure mystery suspense westerns are there elbow to elbow with books about the Bible and how to handle your own bankruptcy.  If you are lucky, between the Tom Clancy paperbacks and bosomy gasping romance cover girls there’s an occasional John Steinbeck or Barbara Kingsolver.  Clues to the clientele.

The Delta holds a definite draw.  The marinas we have visited so far have given us sales pitches for a full time slip.  I admire the live aboard boats that are quirky and clearly lovingly handmade.  They are in stark contrast to the shiny buzzing toys that roar up and down the watery roads.  The have-nots and don’t-give’-a-damns.  Not sure how long I could put up with that.  Good to know that I can anchor out for free if I move every 28 days or so.  Not much of a life, but could be an inexpensive retreat for a while.

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