Sorta Kinda Home

Two night stop over at my boat before bringing Skipper’s Cat to his home berth tomorrow.   Checking in with my life.  Lo and behold, it’s still here.  98 pages of spam on one email account.  Not sure why I bother.

The yacht club has rejected my request of a trade-waiver for the $500 initiation fee.  Too bad, that, I thought it would be a win-win.  They would have gotten a lot of volunteerism out of me.  But when the price of a foxtail up a canine snout is the same as an initiation fee, I have to choose snout over snoot.  Guess I’m not well-heeled enough for this crowd.  Their loss.

More Delta stories in the days to come.  I am sleepy now and have a 6 am head start south on the Cat.

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