sfo wet net – marine

By some miracle there is internet on my boat this morning.  Black magic most likely.  Or possibly imported by one of the many visiting racing boaters who are here for the weekend.

The Wifi shows up as SFO wetnet-marine and works great.  How can I sign up?  I’ve been neglecting emails and posts because it’s too cold to sit on the yacht club steps to do email and too inconvenient to row or drive over to the marine center to snag their signal.

Had I known there was internet availability I would have been on line all weekend.  Instead I spent yesterday arguing with my sewing machine over a pair of cargo pants.  If you like cargo pants, $40 is a very cheap price for them.  It’s that much just for the supplies.  Boo koo zippers and all.  I’m trying to convince the sailrite sewing machine that it can do more than big tough canvas jobs.  I want it to do more delicate clothing jobs too.  After using the 69 grade UV protected twine needed for canvas, the regular thread feels like sewing with spider webs.

I will try to finish the pants today but the poor tension makes the project a bit of a bummer.  It’s fine when I have about 16 layers of fabric and then gets loopy with just two.  New needles and all of the adjustments have been tried scientifically.  I’ll clean and oil it before I try again.

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