Almost a month cruising in the Delta and I started to feel a smidgen of what it would be like to be non stop on the move – not unlike any form of travel, but particular to the marine environment.  A kind of hyper vigilant observation becomes second nature.  Scan constantly for every half submerged snag, wildlife, ferries or barges bearing down like a runaway train, wrecked boats serving as warnings, possible friendly anchorages.  I was glued to the chart until Skipper installed the GPS and then I was glued to the screen as we navigated narrow channels with mud on either side.

Staying constantly aware of your whereabouts is energy consuming.  It was a relief to enter familiar waters and for the last few hours was able to bask in the sun with Austin on the bow, motoring over the windless glass water.  At one point a small bird took refuge on the boom.  It was someone’s grey domestic parakeet.  He was exhausted and rested for several miles.  At Brisbane he chirped brightly and took off for land, thwarting my plans to give him a home on Bonita.

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