Pets as Crew

There are plenty of people who say leave your pets at home when you travel.  That’s not why I got a dog, though.  He’s with me 24/7 and we seem to like it that way.

Feeding him while on the hook turned out to be a trick.  The little booger won’t eat the same canned food two days in a row so I have to disguise it on the second day as gravy.  What saved him was the Honest Kitchen dehydrated food in sample packets.  It was easy to mix with bits of whatever we were eating and it really helped his digestion.  Cruising turns out to be very sedentary.  I tried to run him up and down the sandy beach exposed during low tide, but there are only so many times you can run back and forth.  Plus I was pulling ticks off him (and me !) after every excursion.  Not sure where they came from as we didn’t go into the bushes.

He also didn’t care for getting picked up for the 5 ‘ jump off the cat to land.  He chose to jump into the portaboat dinghy side tied to the cat when he wanted to pee.  I could then ferry him to shore where he did his business, and he got back in the dink when he was done.

No one cares much for choppy rough seas but Austin spent a few collective hours shaking and panting this trip.  At one point I snuck some powdered ginger into some tuna water for him.  I opened a capsule of Sailor’s Secret.  Hard to say if the ginger helped or the sailing was just easier, but he ceased the wide-eyed open-mouthed guilt-wrenching shuddering after that.

Mostly I am proud of him for his swimming practice.  He is not a big fan of getting wet but after a few times on very hot days getting plunked in the water he seemed less irritated by the experience.

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