Pittsburg Party Animals

The next night was another street party in the brand new town square where a stage and sound were installed for the Delta Idol competition.  See their web site for photos of town and super busy events schedule.  They are hungry for new businesses to lease spaces not yet built and fake stucco earth tone condos are going up everywhere .  http://www.shopoldtown.com/

We identified one of the primary movers and shakers in the town and asked her where we might find a laundromat.  She asked one of the Chamber of Commerce couples and they offered to drive us the next day to Faultless Cleaners the next day to have our laundry done for us.  They also called the Yacht Club and invited us to make ourselves at home there.  They gave us free drinks and pizza and convinced us to come back the next night for steak dinner.

True to their word we were picked up the next morning with our ton of laundry and taken to the cleaners.  I guess the $30 bill kind of was like getting taken to the cleaners, but we were desperate for non-smelly duds and it was worth it.  A lovely farmers market was a diversion while we waited.  Downtown was fenced off later that night for a ticket only 60’s decade reunion for the Pittsburg HS, which celebrated a ribbon cutting for the brand new High School.  Where did all this money come from?

The people seemed stunned into smiles.  One local said reconstruction had stalled out for two years but was picking up again.  A contractor guy said that not that long ago he was licensed to carry a weapon for his job.  He hasn’t had it on him since the many undesirable elements were arrested and removed.  The drug dealers were picked up and sent to jail for at least 90 days, during which time their homes were razed so there would be nothing to come home to.  An eery number of vacant lots is testimony to this slash and burn strategy.  In one section about six blocks of former homes have been turned into a landscaped walkway.

They also have an amazing amount of public art.  Check out this gallery of artwork in town. http://www.shopoldtown.com/Art.htm

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