The Perfect Boat

A perfect cruising boat has been side-tied under the yacht club for a few days.  I asked the picture cute couple who are sailing it if they are on vacation or immersed in a lifestyle.  In other words, are you going home after this?  “Well I hope so,” they said.  They are from Canada and have just begun a year of cruising to Mexico that will culminate in either trucking the boat back home, or swooping around to Hawaii and up to avoid the unpleasant Northward coastal conditions.

The perfectness is in the good repair and upkeep of every cruising tool and toy anyone could ever want.  They said, “it’s like an ad for West Marine, isn’t it?”

Well, yes.  Or a brand new cherry red Porche.   Fun to drive if you don’t have to pay for the insurance and upkeep.   Quite a far cry from the family of 4 who have everything on board plus two puppies but are far from pristine in their cozy clubhouse.  See for a look at a different kind of perfect cruising boat experience. And all the best to all of the intrepid souls going down the Baja coast this season.

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