Cruisers Brain

I’ve been exploring the gyrations one goes through when the urge to take off for the big blue hits.  I’m not talking about the vacationing people or the ones in floating palaces going home to palatial homes on land afterwards.   I’m interested in the not coming back types in retrofitted sailboats. What the “go out the Gate and turn left” folks go through is quite a roller coaster.  Essentially you are contemplating extracting yourself from the infrastructure you have been surrounded by for your entire life thus far and going into the unknown.

The dizzying swamp of considerations prevents many from ever leaving their slip. How do I make money?  Do I still get to vote and would I want to?  How do I get mail?  Do I have to file taxes?  What about my car?  Storage?  Baby pictures don’t belong on a boat.  I don’t speak all of the languages I may need.  What if I run out of coffee or cigarettes?  How will I spend my time?  What if I don’t have everything I need?

There are a handful every year who overcome the questions.  Some leave angry, like teenagers fleeing the nest.  “There’s nothing here for me anymore.”  You can hear a defensive “I don’t care, I just want to get out of here.” They burn bridges and piss off their friends and family.  Bluster, defiance, sometimes hostility.  I believe this is just to cover up the very real fear that goes with making a big change.

Some leave with a big goal of circumnavigating or racing.  Just to get themselves going.  Eventually you have to build a life, and unless you are supremely anti-social, a life involves other people.

To be continued…

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