4-Hour work week on a boat

The inevitable question “what do you do” is always a stumper for me.  I’ve stopped imagining a focused career and instead wish to be, as Barbara Kingsolver puts it, “a good animal”  with no overt world domination schemes brewing.

At a Halloween party last night polite chit chat required a better answer.  When I tried to describe my cobbed together fiscal life to one guest he said, “oh, you’re doing the 4 hour work week.”  Uh, I guess, what’s that?  So I googled it this morning.

A hunky 20-something guy named Timothy Ferriss authored a book  of that title and it has grabbed the imagination of the NY Times book review reading public.  A quick look at his website and I suspect I am on a slightly different tack.  I have often said I am interested in the buffet of life but my consumption level appears to be on a different scale than that of  Mr. Ferriss.

The world is awash in opportunity if you are able and willing to be flexible, quick to learn, and socially adaptable.  It doesn’t hurt to be charming and talented too.  Sometimes that works for me.  The rest of the time I just bring down my expectations to the level at which I can support them at the moment.  Cheese and crackers with apple slices for dinner one day, a lobster feed at the yacht club next week.  It’s all good.  I may live at below US poverty level standards but I do not feel impoverished in the least.

So conscious resource use becomes the focus, not amassing as many resources as possible.  I would rather do with what I have than be a squirrel relentlessly playing Monopoly.

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