Cruising Brain

I’m not a racer.  I don’t seem to have the aggressive desire to win or compete.  I appreciate the skills you can acquire when in a competitive situation, I just don’t think subjecting your house to a possible T-boning is a great idea.

Cruising Brain is the opposite of Race Brain.  Cruising Brain is,  Anything Can Happen and It Usually Does, and It Is What It Is, and Wherever You Go There You Are.  Cruising stories are about how you creatively got out of a scrape, either natural or man-made, not about geeking out on sail design or shape of hull or why one boat had right of way over the other.

Achievement is negligible with Cruising Brain.  Brag rights include figuring out how to make ice cubs in your tiny freezer.  We are frugal claustrophiles.  Racers are expansive and stylin’.  And yet we occupy the same club space.

Why am I at the club?  My dog had a crabby moment at me earlier so I let him have the boat to himself.  If he were human we’d be having a conversation.  But he’s a dog, so I just left him alone to get over himself.  We have these little grumpy fights now and then.  It isn’t always a love fest living with a dingo-terrier

But I am tired.  It’s only 8:30 but it’s dark and I’m sleepy.  I’m going home.  The dog is probably just having an excess of spoiling.  Good thing I got a job.  He might appreciate me more when I’m not there all of the time at his beck and call.


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