New Pilings

There’s a big monster boat in the marina.  It has a barge attached with a huge stack of what looks like really tall telephone poles.  But they’re not called poles, they are piles or pilings.  Maybe coming from the word pillar, but otherwise that word doesn’t make sense.

The pilings hold the docks to the mud.  They pin it to the ground under the water.  Many of our pilings are chewed away at the base by rot and occasionally tip over and float off leaving the dock a bit at loose ends.  Some docks have fancy cement pilings.  They look expensive.  Riff raff like me don’t get that kind.

People keep saying this unusually warm weather is “earthquake weather.”  That makes me wonder what happens to the rotten pilings when the ground ripples in a big earthquake.  Betcha they snap.  I’m told that in an earthquake boats go up and then down, not unlike normal boaty movement.  Of course if everything on land is jiggling like jello you’d want to stay on the boat where it is relatively safe.  Just have to watch out for those punky piling pins plopping peevishly portside.

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