Austin on the mend

Today when I took Austin out for a pee in the afternoon with the soft scarf that holds up his back end (think wheel barrow races), he took off like a shot.  He has graduated to his halter and leash as I cannot keep up with him with the scarf alone.  He still stumbles and tips over but is keen to move and sniff.  He’s lifting his leg again and today went half way into a large animal hole before I could haul him out kicking and snorting and whuffing.  One common issue is relapse when the bored and wound up woofer is let off the leash too soon and overdoes. Back to square one.

So our next challenge is going to be having quiet little walks without pulling painfully and going bonkers.  Doggie Downers anyone?

The mast project is oh so slow.  The torrential rains have prevented much painting.  I’ve been cleaning the parts to be put back on and assembling the new lazy jack lines.  I’m the only one who seems in any particularly hot hurry to get the mast back on the boat.

And I’ve started my new job with a shall-remain-nameless dinner cruise line.  I’d love to tell you all about it but I think I signed something that says I can’t.  Big fun on the water.  I can say that much.

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  1. Good to see that your dog is getting better. Our Dalmation – from Boxer Resque – requires the scarf technique to go up stairs. But that’s from old age and prior injuries coming back to haunt him. I hope he makes a full recovery and that his own old age is the only serious thing he has to deal with, other than his owner!

    A tenant left behind a length of climbing rope. They usually are 60 meters long. This is in 2 pieces, one short, one long; but I think it’s all there, any intrest? Mooring lines? Barter box?

    Are you sure?

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