All Together Now

I got my wish for Christmas and my mast is back on the boat.  I only barely made it before the yard went on Christmas break.  They were placing bets on if I’d get it done in time or not.  Between the new job, the continuous rain and Austin’s medical issues, I’m amazed I finished.  I’m not sure why it’s so emotionally important to have the mast back.  It’s not like I can’t move the boat without it.  It’s not like I am going anywhere anytime soon.  All I know is an enormous anxiety lifted after that chunk of aluminum and dangling wires were safely back where they belong.

And now we’re in the midst of more storm and I’m positively smug, cooking up a beef stew in the crock pot, sewing canvas, listening to the radio, and snuggling with the dog…

The dog, who turns out to be both too petite and too tall to fit into his Go Cart.  Boo.  After the holiday I will call the company to see what can be done.  He let me try it on him, brave little soul, and even pulled it, but that’s not the point, eh?

Happy Holidays to All – Cynthia & Austin

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