Oh what a tease the weather is.  The Acacias are blooming.  I could smell them before I turned and saw the tree.  A nostalgic scent for me.  As a little kid growing up in Marin County I decided that Acacias were my favorite blooming tree because of the happy little yellow pom poms.  I was not afflicted, as the rest of my family were, by the allergies the pom poms brought on. My other favorite flowers are daffodils, so I do have a thing for sunshine yellow and fresh spring blooms.

Finally took the boat out yesterday.  It was idyllic.  We were moving at a respectable pace even without much of a breeze, and with little effort.  Random zig zags across the Bay.  My friend L. came along for the ride and she brought snacks.  I noticed at the end of the day that I had neglected to clean up the dropped Smartfood popcorn from the cockpit floor.  In the morning the deck looked licked clean by little rodents who were kind enough not to leave calling cards.  Perhaps in the future I will just rub cheese across the deck and let the mice clean the boat for me.


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