Borzoi Ballet

I had the great pleasure last weekend of visiting with my new friend Molly and seeing her beautiful Borzoi Hound “Meteor” appear in the SF Ballet Giselle.  Meteor stole the scene I’m afraid – beware of sharing a stage with animals or children. Unfortunately the other Borzoi “Colty” was unable to appear on stage as an emergency surgery left him with odd shaved parts that would have been too weird on stage.  He is recovering nicely now.

The ballet itself was exquisite and athletic with amazing grace.  The backstage walk with the dogs before curtain let me see the phenomenal costumes and sets up close.   The intermission entertainment of gawking at audience costumes was not bad either.  In Giselle the protagonist men are made to dance until they die, which I would most certainly have done had I tried any of those moves.  See trailers of the show at

After the show we went out the side door with the other performers where groupies were waiting to get autographs.  Everyone wanted their photo with the dogs, including the mother of the prima ballerina, Maria Kochetkova,  who came out just as we were leaving.   This tiny humble young woman was a cleverly concealed bundle of steel springs and discipline able to leap great heights with precision for two hours or more.   You wouldn’t guess it to see her in street clothes.

I was awed by their professionalism and skills in a world completely foreign to me.  Molly gave me a great gift by inviting me into that world.  Thank you Molly!

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