Weather Weirdness

Earthquake-sized thunder, daylight-bright lightening,  quarter inch hail bullets two inches deep in the cockpit, gusting winds up to 60 mph.  Nature is really pulling out all the stops on us these days.   It feels like the beginning of something big, doesn’t it?  Just a taste of what’s to come.

Life goes on.  Bolt to the pump out in between downpours.  Check the tarp for torn bits.  The dinghy cover I’m making for a neighbor is becoming a Dinghy Tuxedo, complete with separate pontoon covers and a popes nose for the light on the outboard.  I’m very motivated to get it finished because it is taking up too much space in my little boat.

The current unstable political climate in specific spots all over the world coupled with wacky weather has made a few previously unstoppable would-be cruisers I know a wee bit more timid.  I can understand the hedging.  Sail out into the jaws of the storm?  Become tsunami or pirate fodder?  The risk has always been there so why does it feel much more dangerous now? Group hysteria?

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