In the dog house

You can lead a pup to a nice new dog house but you can’t make him go inside.  The more I try to get Austin to do something, in this case go inside a soft comfy shelter from the wind, the less he wants to cooperate.  Like some people I know.  He demonstrated that he understood what I wanted him to do by going inside and circling twice before coming out again.  I had to put him inside with the roof off and let him realize what a great sweet spot he had just scored before he acquiesced to settle in.

Why is it we don’t do what is good for us even if it’s right in front of our noses?  Sometimes it takes an alarming event or outside force to push us into place.  Once into a good spot, appreciation is yet another matter.  As a chronic fixer I was greatly gratified by Austin’s final happy snuggle into forced comfort. If only people were as easy to make happy.

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