Glen Cove – Again

Finally the long awaited day of departure came.  My endless list of chores completed, I woke up at 5 am too excited to sleep.  Washed the boat in the dark so I wouldn’t have to sit in a shmutzy cockpit.  And although I left a bit later than I meant to, it was with great satisfaction that I sailed out of the Nasty Finger of Fog from the Gate and into the bright warm sunshine.

And the guest dock at Glen Cove was welcoming.So now, after 5 hours of mostly wing on wing exercises, we’ll stay here for the night.  We are awaiting a local guest who is joining us for a dinner of spinach spiral noodles, fresh liveaboard garden grown tomatoes, asiago cheese, and 5 types of fresh basil from my onboard garden.  No, really. Look.

First Mate Austin slept most of the way when he wasn’t catching flies.

2 Responses

  1. I like your garden. What is the container? I’m finally going down to see my boat for a few days in a month. Can’t wait. Puppies are all good.

    • The container is a found christmas wreath storage bin. Who knew they made such things?

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