Pittsburg to Owl Harbor

Someone in Pittsburg said Austin looked like a Naked Lamb.

My little shorn sheep has done well en route.  He’s not crazy about the pfd but he tolerates it.  He is skeptical when the sails are flapping on the way down but generally remains unflapped himself.

The first two days were mostly sailing, the third day from Pittsburg to Isleton was all motoring.  4.5 hours and not quite a 3 gallon tank of gas.  My buddy boat friend R calls my outboard “stingy.”  That sounds like a compliment to me.  The total cost so far is $53 = $35 for two nights at marinas, one load of wash for $3 and $15 give or take for gas.  My ideal budget is $50 a week.  Talk about stingy!

One Response

  1. Hello Cynthia from Ray Smith at Bruno’s Island just across from Owl Harbor. Call me at 925-818-2983 if you need supplies from Rio Vista or would just like to meet me. I’m on your blog list and enjoy following your travels. I have a 1965 Islander 33.

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