Not a Vacation

Sure, sure, this trip to the Delta is not a vacation.  Tell me another one. But really, this is serious business.  The brain shift to a rhythm suitable for self-sufficient and contained living while surrounded by the land-based work-a-day world is not easy.  Just having a computer and wifi flies in the face of my Robinson Crusoe ambitions.  So today I break out the solar oven and get serious about making some fud.  I’m making my usual morning list of to-dos and hoping for a burst of
energy and ambition.

Life requires constant maintenance, normal for anywhere you live, but more urgent on a boat.  When you have multiple rooms and closets and a garage you can hide your half done projects instead of finishing them.  It’s easier to put off those little chores that should get done.  Justify not doing them right now.  Small spaces, however, require immediate attention.  Lest you hurt yourself or your dog tripping over the mess.  And since I’m planning to shove off tomorrow to go anchor in the weeds for a few days, I have got some tidying up to do.

One Response

  1. Smooth sailing and a dash of adventure are my recipe for your Delta trip. Love that solar oven!

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