Ride em Cowgirl

Once it was clear that motoring was all that could be done from Pittsburg to Isleton, I set up a faux bimini for much needed shade.  The temperature was over 100 and I was having trouble seeing past my cover.  I also couldn’t steer comfortably so I got creative.  I attached two lines to the tiller and wrapped them on opposing winches.  Then I could steer by sitting on the edge of the boat and looking forward.  But that wasn’t good enough, so this was my solution:

By pulling one or the other lines I could steer fine.  And the rocking motion when we went over someone’s wake was very similar to a horse’s canter.  Yay!  Time to invent a Boom Saddle.

One Response

  1. Even if you don’t go through with the saddle idea, I think this idea deserves a drawing. Also – deep sea fishing boats have special chairs because it takes hours to reel in a marlin or tuna. The chairs aren’t saddles… but?

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