Nine Eleven

I am flying an American Flag half mast today.  I was on the East Coast and saw it happen real time, which only made it more surreal.

Also surreal is how technology works and gave me back the missing photos from yesterday.  So here for some levity is a dingo in an embarrassing outfit

“You want me to pee HERE?”

And Bonita in Miner Slu with pesky bridge in background
Mind you, I was on the bank under the trees.
The boat wasn’t really in the middle of the river.

And after we found out we wouldn’t be getting through
“Who needs your stinky old bridge anyway?”

And the sunrise that morning that put us in a good mood

And for those interested in Boat Systems Actuator business, here are two ongoing projects.

A desperate attempt at a swamp cooler with a chunk of ice hung below the solar fan.  No such luck.  Some bozo in a speed came by and sloshed the melted ice which peed into the v berth.

And the Mystery Thing.  R found this at Berkeley before we left with some poles.  We assumed it was a car shade and I was delighted I’d have some cover.  But no, it appears to be a refrigerator cozy.  Didn’t know they made such things.  Probably British.  An entire zip up cover with that insulated plastic on the inside.  I’m cutting it up in an attempt to make a dodger and entry from the 4 x 4 x 6 foot thing.  If I can get it up there it will either cook me or keep me strangely cool.
So this is the “before” picture.  Imagine it 3d standing up like a fridge.

2 Responses

  1. I had forgotten you were on the East Coast on 9/11. I was in Chicago and the only way it would have had more impact on me would have been if I was in the towers themselves. No newspaper or TV news today. I don’t need to be reminded to remember.

  2. I thought the reading of the names ceremony was very well organized and moving. See it here

    I hadn’t seen the memorial yet, which you get a good look at in the video above, and I think they did a good job capturing the feeling and offering a sense of continuity and peace.

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