Delta Marina Yacht Harbor

The HOT weather at Snug Harbor turned into a cool overcast Bay Level Bluster day on 9-11.  My American flag was whipping flat out. The wind was all on the nose and the chop and white caps (white caps?) were against me, even as I turned Southward towards the Rio Vista bridge.  We were hobby horsing into the channel like some nutty Friday Night Raceboat, waves splashing over the bow and hitting us in the cockpit for the first time during this trip.  The engine was cavitating with the rocking motion and I tried for better angles against the hillocks.  Austin stolidly refused to go down below despite his aversion to getting wet, and neither whimpered, nor shook.  Good dog.

I called the Rio Vista lift bridge and requested it open.  I only saw the other sailboat (who never alerted the bridge but was closer to it than I) coming from South as I approached.  “Rio Vista bridge please be advised that there are TWO sailboats passing underneath.” And I thanked them the second I was safely out from under.  Man, they dropped that thing fast.

I’d had enough of the pseudo-gale wind for the day and pulled into Delta Marina Yacht Harbor where they greet you with a blaring horn blast from “The Point” Bar.  I managed to arrive the moment all of the weekend visitors were leaving.  Things were a little crazy at the fuel and pump out dock for a while and I helped the day trawlers push out of the wind and strange swirl of the current just inside the marina.

Later it was my turn to dance around in the swirl and gusts after my pump out and fuel up.  The current and wind were in disagreement so the helm did not respond as expected.  It took the help of staff member Audrey and tugboater Vince to help me move to a better shelter area as the tide sucked the stern to the dock and the wind pushed the bow away from it.  I would have tried docking on the starboard side but the dink was side tied there.  What worked best is to tie both bow and stern to the dock and I pulled in on the secured dockline from the bow where I had a better power position than Vince did on the dock.

Oh joy, all of the modern conveniences, plus a walk into Rio Vista with Austin.  Unlike other ports of call, the Delta Marina Yacht Harbor is at the end of a really nice neighborhood with carefully manicured yards.  It reminded me a bit of Nebraska.  A quiet small town where everyone knows everyone.  Some of the humor available was also definitely midwest in flavor.

As we walked back to the marina Vince and his wife Pam drove by on their way to The Point restaurant.  I joined them for a very pleasant meal and chat.  They were my first social outing with members of another yacht club.  And even though they apologized that they were “only a paper club,” I found their hospitality to be extremely “reciprocal” in the PICYA sense.  Thank you Vince and Pam!

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