To Slu City

I thought yesterday would be an easy day.  A short hour motor into 3 Mile Slough, set a couple of anchors, take the dog to the beach, eat and rest. But no.

Someone needs to explain to me which of these rivers and sloughs change direction and which stay the same.  I could have sworn that Steamboat Slu was pouring into the Sacramento River when I arrived at Snug Harbor and had to motor against the tide to dock.  But the next day when I left, both the wind and the current were against me.

So I thought 3 Mile slu was one of those that emptied regularly into a larger body of water.  Wrong again.  I set out two anchors at the bow and was trying to set the stern to hold us to the edge when the boat swung 180 degrees.  It took one hour to get into a mess that took at least two exhausting hours to get out of.  All I wanted to do was secure the boat so the dog could hit the beach.  It never happened.  I ended up getting  a thorough course and a flunking grade in Anchor Rode Macrame.  I had all three of those anchor lines wrapped together as each time we swung the other direction we added a new twist.  Plus one of the lines snagged on something.  I later heard that it’s very common in 3 Mile slu for huge logs to slam through and snarl anchor lines.  I got away easy with just some fishing gear and weeds.

One of the casualties of the last few days has been the dink, which has been dragged around in side tie and used as anchor and line receiver.  Before I head out today it deserves a good cleaning.  Austin’s Chariot must not be in disarray.

Austin in a dog cave early this morning.

I ended up pulling up all the mish mash and motoring back to where I knew was safe.  Good thing too, the wind blew hard all night and I would have been sleepless and anxious on the hook.

Sunrise at Owl Harbor. Thank you again Andreas Cove YC.


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