Freshwater Pirates

Two days in the Potato Slu “bedrooms” and I am grateful to again have access to electricity and NPR and a really nice cafe.  The slu proved to be another training ground for single hook, swing in a circle anchor technique.  Once I felt confident that the one hook was going to stay put, the swing cycle didn’t bother me.  Much.  I rationalized that if the hook did come out and we dragged a bit, there wouldn’t be far to go and the mud is fairly forgiving.  I learned from the 3 Mile Slu Incident that two anchor lines were likely to twist together, compromising both, so trusted the one Danforth.  This was reinforced by my reference material on the subject, Anchoring and Mooring by Alain Gree.

We slept outside both nights.  I had just hung up the large mosquito net over us and tucked in when every bug on the planet arrived and took up an irate chorus trying to reach us.  When the bugs left the coyotes started.  Yippee kay yi yay.  And the owls hoo hoo tey hooing. And the otter rivers splashing and squeaking.  The ducks quacking with lust after each other.  All under a full moon.  What a zoo.

The levee turned out to be a nice place for Austin to stretch his legs and do biz.   I rowed him over and then tried to keep up as, even in his bulky orange pfd he took off down the road like a little runaway.  Elated with space and road and land time.

Such a difference in this slu than just up the road at Brunos where the boats are socked in by waterweeds.

It made Austin exhausted just looking at it.

Met R at Korths, as planned.  He had his own set of adventured but fared well.  We are plotting new schemes as you read this.  The weather is supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

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  1. Great Blog I will look forward to reading it all!

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