Pirate Party

Sometimes I have excellent timing.  To be a guest at the Pirate’s Cove Marina on Harbor Day when they throw their annual party for their tenants was a coup in the extreme.

People began to arrive and stake their spots under tented tables by 11 am.  A wide variety of appetizers appeared on the tables and canned beverages swam in ice in a small landed boat.  A truck keg drove up and dispensed beer from a spigot out of the side.  Three slushy machines churned margaritas.  Then the truck with a bazillion crawdads showed up.  In short order a table was piled with red mini lobsters that were shoveled onto plates and noshed by the hard core delta enthusiasts.  The faint of heart sat to the side and made ewwww yuck noises until they caved and tried some too.

The band started up and played all afternoon, only stopping to eat the catered turkey dinner that was laid out at 5.  You’d think we’d be stuffed but there was room for just one more bite of those yummy sweet potatoes, or more salad please.

As a welcome to a newbie I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks Korth’s!

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