Living Large on the Cheap

Life is a contradiction.  Or maybe it’s just a balance of where to allocate resources of time and money.  On the one hand my life is by some standards, impoverished.  On the other, I feel so privileged I’m almost embarrassed.

My car is for sale again on ebay.

If I succeed in selling it, I’ll be riding my bike or the bus or bumming rides.  I love this car but I’m excited about no longer having a car to worry about.  I have gotten out of the habit of needing it and it deserves someone who will look after it the way I used to.  It’s a converted vegoil.

And then, yesterday, I got a pedicure.  Yup, I know, girly.  I had tried painting my own toenails while I floated down the sloughs (multi tasking driving and grooming) but I forgot they were still wet and was steering with my foot when I realized I’d gotten toenail polish all over my tiller.  At that point the polish was, let’s say, textured.  Not what you want in a toenail polish.  Plus I had just painted over the dirt on my frequently bare toes.  So I let the professionals take care of me in “Rio.”

     This is how they sent me    home.  I wasn’t allowed to put my shoes on.  Good thing I wasn’t driving!






Now I look like a grown up
with cute toes instead of a feral Delta Rat.  I may eat canned ravioli, but my toes are awesome.

All frivolity aside, seems to me that I heard a story on NPR about a tent city of people who had been visited by disaster and were refugees.  The women set up a beauty salon and traded whatever they had to get their hair and nails done.  It may sound like a strange priority, but the pampering made them feel cared for, and it reminded them of better, more secure times.  It gave them courage.  That’s worth something.

3 Responses

  1. I think it is great that you have parked the car so to speak. I think you are on a great path and really enjoy your blog.

  2. Hey, lady! I just found your blog, but I’ve read your comic for months. I am always so excited to read about other young women who live aboard.

    And ps? You’re auctioning off my dream car. Good thing you don’t live in Baltimore, or I might have had to snap that car up!

    • Hey LiveAboard, aaargh, and pass the rum, and all that.
      I should really link the blog and the cartoon, huh? My tech savvy has it’s limits. I’ve bookmarked your site and look forward to exploring it. Thanks for the shout out.

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