I am regularly called upon to explain myself and my lifestyle.  Sometimes I comply.  Since what I say will be judged through the listener’s personal preference filters, sometimes my explanation is a waste of breath.  For instance, there are those who get stuck immediately on the living on a boat component.  Fear of water, dislike of small spaces, perception that how I live is like constant camping or somehow more dangerous living than on land…are some of the hangups people have straight away.

Others can’t imagine life without their huge closets of stuff or appliances and so are blocked by idea that they personally wouldn’t enjoy that life, so therefore no one could.

The pursuit of money is a common activity and many people find a life not dedicated to that end incomprehensible.  “But what do you DO?”

A fellow solo lady boater I know regaled me with a conversation she had recently with a guy about anchoring out in the slu for a week or more.  “Do you meditate?” he had asked?  “How do you pass the time?”  Her answer was that she enjoys her own company.  Good answer.

In the meantime I think I’m going to start spreading the rumor that I’m a trust fund baby or independently wealthy.  Made it big in the dot com bubble and am set for life.  Somehow that’s a more understandable explanation than, I don’t need very much.

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  1. Excellent

  2. Most people I know seem to think living aboard, while not for them, is OMGSUPERCOOLCANICOMEVISIT? The questions I get are, “but where do you go to the bathroom?” and “do you have a kitchen?” What do they think I do? Eat peanut butter sandwiches for every meal? In general it’s good for a few laughs here and there. 🙂

    • Hey Alexdandra, See comment from Ali about drawing other LiveAboards. Wanna be one of the drawn but not quartered?

  3. People are curious and people who live on boats have more of a tendency to be curios characters. Having grown up in “bubble headed bleach blonde meets scam artist ken who can’t take his eyes off himself land” (southern california) my best adaptation to the “filters” is to try to take heart that people are curious at all in a town where I have to catch myself from drifting into deep cynicism about the human condition and saying things like “people listen to about the first five words out of your mouth around here”.

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