Not Urbanly Inclined

A quick three day trip back to Berkeley to pick up my car (alas, it did not sell.  Yet.), and I was reminded why the Delta Dawdle feels so fine.  There was a frenetic electricity in the air in Berzerkely, and many bizzy bizzy people with their important bizzy-ness. I guess I’m not cut out for any semblance of urbanity because I immediately became anxious in that environment.  But unless you have something to contrast with the scene in question it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is amiss.  Nice people, lovely facility, what could be wrong?

I have long since known that I am an emotional energy lightning rod.  This is not a woo woo statement.  I am more than average sensitive to conflict and the emotional distress of others.  I suspect this is the source of my discord with urban life.  A low people per square foot ratio feels very good to me.  I would rather eavesdrop on the private lives of owls than keep up with human dramas.

Some folks are lucky to have been born and raised in a place which feels right to them.  A place which feels like home.  My family moved so much (and I don’t think we were in the witness protection plan) that I never adapted to a specific place.  I did get to sample a buffet of environments, however.   I noticed when I went to the New York for the first time that the humidity was a relief for my system compared to the arid air of my childhood (I now suspect that I grew up chronically dehydrated). In Vermont I found that the values of do-it-yourself and help your neighbor felt like home.   In Nebraska the rugged acceptance of harsh weather and nature’s power felt right.

In short, I have found the combination of the tastiest items on the environment buffet are combined beautifully in the sailing community.  Not the fancy yacht set so much, but the fixed-it-myself in a remote anchorage group.

And so once again I feel gratitude that I stumbled upon this boaty world and am thriving here.  ( grateful sigh )

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