Wind & Cold

It’s funny to think of a place where I’ve spent no more than a month, as home.  We came home on the 2nd after waiting through a raging howly windy day.  I couldn’t even think and ended up watching movies in the bouncing boat.

The morning dawned quiet and calm.  The sun emerged and I slipped lines and fled, oh so happy to be underway at last.  Into the river road downstream.  We made great time catching the current and went 5 – 7 mh at half throttle the whole way.  As we approached the marina after blissful hours of snacking, repairing boaty things, writing lyrics, or just humming a lot, I saw a harbor seal with a big silvery fish.  He was shaking it like a dog to pull off pieces to eat.  Thrashing about in the water and tossing the fish around like he was the main event at SeaWorld.

So the efficiency contrast:  First time up it took 8 hours and a tank (3 gallons) of gas.
Second time up: full throttle for four hours, and 5.5 gallons of gas
Third trip: Five hours at half throttle and only 3/4 of a tank!

It is definitely getting colder and Austin is eyeing me suspiciously as if I am causing it somehow.  Which door is for summer?  He wants to know.

I’m considering where we might go next.  If there’s a quirky sunny day I think we’re headed out to the sloughs to bask like a couple of  harbor seals.

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  1. Hey Live Aboard,

    Say sweetie, where exactly are you? I ask because my daughter Emma (18) is in the Bay Area as part of a year deferred from going to college. (Living with aunt in Oakland, working p/t in SF) I think she and you would hit it off, or at the least, she has much wondrous stuff to learn from you. Would you like to have a lunch with her (my treat)?
    Love you always, Jim

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