Smoke and Mirrors

Burning piles of debris is managed by local fire departments.  A “good” day to burn is cool, dry and not windy.  Coupled with fog and frosty temps and you get smoke inhalation all night long.  After the marina got the go ahead for it’s burn day this week I spent a night this week wondering how much damage to my lungs I was developing, with nowhere to go.  Setting off at night for the slu isn’t a great idea.  So I burned one of those air clearing candle things and went under the covers.

We do find so many different ways to poison ourselves.  And it feels like there are fewer and fewer places where you won’t suffer from sloppy human habits that are shmutzing the environment in some way.

“Remember on Earth, you must take care, where you live decides how you fare, there’s only two things you must beware, don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air.”

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