Shopalopolis and Geese

The blurb about Water Hyacinth aired Tuesday.  If you missed it you can hear it online at

I also started a blog about water hyacinth in the hopes of inspiring someone somewhere to get interested in solving this practical problem.

The geese are making their trek to their winter outpost.  I heard their soprano cacophony overhead from inside with the doors and windows closed.  The sky was full of birds as far as the eye could see in any direction.  Truly countless and all with both wings and beaks flapping.

Later in the day I was taken to Eight Mile Road, the closest BofA without going over a toll bridge.  I was amazed to see the enormous mall of big box and chain stores.  All of those trucks on HWY 5 had to be going somewhere with their loads.  But more amazing is that a very short jaunt down the road yielded MORE malls in Lodi.  Who is doing all this buying?  How can so much consumerism be supported?  There wasn’t an independent or original shop to be found.  I was a little overwhelmed and slept restlessly amid dreams of a menacing Shopalopoland.

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