Lit Boat Parade

I’ve never put Christmas Lights on anything, let alone a boat.  A kind neighbor gave me a bunch of discarded decorations and lent me a generator and with crew E and J we were off.  It took FOREVER to hook up the lights and we had no time to test the generator before motoring out to get in line with mega yachts who have clearly been doing this decorating thing for years.  My favorite was the the one with the glowing palm tree at the bow. But what liveaboard could store such stuff from year to year?

We had 3′ high lit candy canes on every stancion, 5 wreaths, icicle lights on the lifelines, up the forestay and down the backstay outlining where a sail should be, up the midmast halyard, across the boom, and a net of lights hanging over what should be my dodger.

But oh, it was a little much for the Honda 1000 generator.  So we had flickering spasmodic lights for the first hour and then they pooped out all together and we turned back figuring we were out of the running.

But no.  Later at Spindrift restaurant over my favorite coconut crusted prawns, we found out we won for the smallest, most original and only sailboat to enter.  Some nice gift certificates to local cafes and a bottle of Barefoot white dessert wine that we actually guzzled under the full moon en route.

Kudos to my crew and I hope they get to eat with me at the cafes.  Apparently last year there was a $400 prize for best decorated boat but it was discovered that the same boats would go from parade to parade with big displays and win everything.  What a scheme!  So they stopped that and made a smaller, but infinitely more personal event.

Stay tuned for the cartoon!

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