Hoodlum Owls

The Egrets used to nest in the trees near my boat.  At dusk their squabbling before settling down sounded like a hen house with a turkey thrown in.  Suddenly they stopped coming around and I wondered if I had done something to offend them.  But it wasn’t me.  It was the Hoodlum Owls.  There goes the neighborhood.  There’s a pack of them and they hoo hoo all night to each other.  One of them sounds like he has a sore throat.  They think it’s funny to sit on Bonita’s spreaders and poop on the deck, big white chalky blobs.  That didn’t bother me until I discovered they had tried to sit on my wind indicator at the mast top and bent it in half.  One recent night they woke me and Austin up jumping around the rigging and twanging on the bent wind indicator. Sharpening a beak maybe?  I stuck my head out the hatch and called up KNOCK IT OFF, and they settled down.

During a previous week I had to say something similar to some extremely inebriated human neighbors playing Dolly Parton at high volume.  I have nothing against Dolly, but she’s not a voice you can sleep through.  The less than coherent reply to my request to pipe down resulted in a late night visit to the harbormaster to clarify the rules of the marina.  The following day a peace offering arrived with an apology.  In retrospect I prefer the peace posy of the tipsy humans to the defiant poops of the hoodlum birds.  But hey, Owls will be Owls.

2 Responses

  1. We always preferred the wildlife to our human brethren. The wildlife has a really good excuse – their culture seems to consider “too nosy” as socially acceptable, but not overly oppressive. That’s the best I can come up with to explain it.

    • Do you mean “too noisy?” I would think, considering your Lat Ha Ha review, that your tolerance for nocturnal party animals would be greater than mine. And anyone would favor flowers over unrepentant poo, no?

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