Water Water Everywhere and not a drop to drink

I was told that 35 years ago people used to drink the water right out of the Delta.  They don’t do that anymore.  Wells had to be put in and arsenic levels were on the rise.  Acceptable standards for how many parts arsenic per billion of water have fluctuated over the years.  I am told now that there is a crisis in the area and that no one but Korth’s is passing the new water standards for potability.  Everyone around here drinks bottled water and I was advised 6 months ago not to drink the water out of the hose.  Yesterday I was given the go-ahead to fill my tanks with confidence, and shown the complex filtering system the marina uses to keep the well water safe and clean.  It was heavy with chlorine (which off-gases after a while) but appeared clear and mostly tasteless.

I knew living on a boat would mean challenges around water and food supplies, but didn’t know it would happen in the interior of a county with a well-developed infrastructure.

This brings me to the other water topic on my radar, this business about Delta water getting piped south.  I can only imagine that if the pipeline to suck the Delta as dry as Mono Lake goes through, no one up here will be able to drink the water ever again, as the salination level will rise beyond possible filtering.  Maybe then Cargill can come in and set up salt processing plants where there used to be tourist resorts and summer homes.  Oh joy.

2 Responses

  1. Hey cynthia, front page news in the Kron today.. state can’t find funding for pipline plan to drain the delta and send water to southern ca. i say lets split northern ca from southern ca…. 😉

  2. Water, will be the bargaining chip in the near future.

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