A funny thing happened on the way to the Ocean

I was leaving, I was.  My plans were set with two weeks to go when two shooting stars, one green with a long tail, stopped me in my tracks and flipped me sideways.  A man here at the marina I had been resisting flirting with for months (I was leaving, why get involved?) got through my defenses, and, well, we’ve added some crew.  Mark is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CGO (Chief Galley Officer), CPT (Captain’s Personal Trainer) and Cabin Boy.  Stay tuned for future blog input from him.  It is assumed that Austin will relinquish First Mate position since he has never had an opposable thumb which is critical for line handling.  Besides, Mark already has the t-shirt.  Dog Mack is CFW (Chief Fish Watcher) and co-pilot with Austin.

These additions to staff have also created some delays in departure for the Bay.  Mark has been liquidating his assets and responsibilities at a furious rate so as to be free to join the good ship La Bonita.  As anyone becoming a LiveAboard knows, it is not so easy to unshackle from land. Anyone want to buy a truck, a Mercedes, a motorcycle, a fifth wheel trailer, a resort park fixed trailer, or a jeep?

La Bonita’s enclosed cockpit and lifeline screens are still not done so we both have our work cut out for us till mid June, when we are hoping to make a first excursion to the Bay for rigorous sailing, navigation, and anchoring practice.

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